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How Long Does it Take to Erect Scaffolding?

When you are going to be working at height, you must ensure you are aware of the time scales for your scaffolding projects. This starts with the understanding of the size of the project, how easy it is to access the project that requires the scaffolding and if the property is listed. In this blog, Hi-Point Access discusses how long it takes to erect scaffolding, along with safety measures you can take to keep your team and people on the ground safe, whilst the scaffolding is being built.

So, how long does it take to erect scaffolding? There is no set timescale for erecting scaffolding. The time to set up scaffolding on your project depends on a variety of factors, which includes: the size of the project, the type of project and if the property/building is listed. 

Read on to learn more about scaffolding timescales to help you plan ahead for your upcoming job. A quality scaffolding company will be able to provide a time estimation based on your individual needs.

How Long Does it Take to Erect Scaffolding on Average?

The average timescale for scaffolding erection is based on the amount and complexity of the scaffolding that is needed for the project, but you can usually expect the scaffolding for your project will be erected between 2 hours and 46 hours. However, this time doesn’t always account for big projects like industrial or construction projects; they have been known to take as long as a week, or more.

As well as taking into consideration the scaffolding erection time, you must take a look at how long your scaffolding can be erected for. According to the rules and regulations in the UK, scaffolding can be left up for as long as it may be required. However, there must be a reasonable explanation for leaving it standing for safety reasons. For more information on keeping your scaffolding withstanding, you can view our recent blog here.

What Influences Scaffolding Erection Times?

There are 3 important criteria which influence how long it takes to erect scaffolding of any size project. They are:


The size of the project plays a big part in how long it will take to erect the scaffolding. Ultimately, if the project is to improve the maintenance of a roof on a residential semi detached home, you are looking at the project not taking longer than a day. The other end of that scale is projects which can take longer than a week. The huge skyscrapers you see in a city centre, or other big commercial buildings and structures are always an impressive sight and they almost become part of the city when you think about it. But while we are craning our necks to see the top of them, hardly anyone thinks back to the building phase, where the scaffolding was being built for this building, which may have been up to two weeks.

Ease of Access

There are advantages to easy access projects: These types of projects can be set up and dismantled quickly, which means the time to erect the scaffolding will be short. It helps the erection time even more if it can easily be adapted to meet all worksite requirements. Easy access scaffolding projects also offer freedom of movement and adequate workspace, while also providing a safer system for construction and public areas in hard-to-reach places. This type of scaffolding project can most of the time be set up and dismantled quickly and can easily be adapted to meet all worksite requirements.

Listed Property or Building

If the property or building which requires scaffolding isn’t listed, the scaffolders can get to work straight away. However, if it is listed, they will need to wait until you have a permit granted. When a building is listed, majority of the time it means it is of special architectural or historic interest. Basically, considered to be of national importance and therefore worth protecting. This would pose a delay to your scaffolding erection time to have your permit granted.

Safety Measures to Follow Whilst Scaffolding is Being Erected

Whilst your scaffolding is being erected, it is important to value the safety of your workers and the people on the ground. Working at height comes with its own risks and there are different hazards caused by different factors when working at height, such as debris, fatal falls and electrical wires. 

You can follow safety guidance from HSE who advise you to include pieces of equipment such as ladder guards and perimeter fencing, when it comes to erecting your scaffolding for your project.

You can also read through our blog, which informs you of additional tips and requirements when it comes to the safety of erecting the scaffolding.

What Type of Scaffolding Do I Need?

The type of scaffolding you need to erect for your project, depends on the project type. The scaffolding erection time for different scaffolding types will depend on different factors we have mentioned above, but understanding which scaffolding type you may need will help us to further understand your scaffolding erection time at Hi-Point. We can offer different types of scaffolding which cover the use for different projects, including:

  • Aluminium Scaffolding – This scaffolding is lightweight, extremely versatile. It is a perfect scaffolding solution for a wide range of projects. 
  • Traditional Scaffolding – At Hi-Point, our traditional scaffolding service is the use of steel tubes and fittings. It is ideal for longer term scaffolding projects or scaffolding designs.
  • Indoor Scaffolding – Our interior scaffolding is often used for varied projects, from renovating gymnasium roofs, to cleaning windows. 
  • Mewps – Mewps are heavy pieces of transportable machinery and it helps you to access hard to reach places in a fast and safe manner.
  • Mobile Scaffolding – We provide mobile scaffolding rental to allow you flexibility for your latest hard to reach projects.

For further information on the scaffolding you can hire at Hi Point, read our blog on the Different Types of Scaffolding and Their Uses.

Scaffolding Hire at Hi-Point Access

At Hi-Point, we understand the importance of understanding the longevity to erect scaffolding, as there are many moving parts in your scaffolding project, so clarity is key. Our expert team is available to answer any questions you may have on your scaffolding project, just simply contact our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Check out our full range of services for more information on the different types of scaffolding we have available. 

We also have a large number of blogs available to help you make an informed decision on the best scaffolding type for your project. Contact us today to discuss your needs. At Hi Point, we are here to help.

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