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How Long Can Scaffolding be Left Standing?

Some projects may require scaffolding to be erected for long periods of time, but there is no time limit for scaffolding to be dismantled as long as it is safely maintained at least once a week. There are, however, some other aspects of scaffolding work that you should know before work commences, as these could affect project completion. In this blog you will find a guide to the limitations of scaffolding work.

So how long can scaffolding be left erected? There are no time limits for leaving scaffolding up in the UK. However, it must be thoroughly inspected to determine any repairs or replacements before work commences at least once each week. There are a few other limitations you should also be aware of including the time of day scaffolding work is allowed to take place.

Read on to find out whether there is a time limit on leaving scaffolding up and how often scaffolding should be checked while erected.

Is There a Time Limit for Leaving Scaffolding Up?

According to the rules and regulations in the UK, scaffolding can be left up for as long as required by the project. However, there must be a reasonable explanation for leaving it standing for safety reasons. The scaffolding must be inspected at the very least once a week to make sure that it has maintained structural integrity and is still safe for everyone who will be in the vicinity of the scaffolding. 

It is highly recommended to inspect the scaffolding each day for the safety of employees. If any repairs or replacements are identified during the inspection, they must be completed before work commences to avoid accidents. It is the scaffolding licence holder’s responsibility to ensure that the working area is safe for both employees and the public. 

If scaffolding is going to be left up for long periods of time, there is a high possibility of members of the general public walking in the vicinity of your scaffolding structure. This means you will require a public liability insurance to protect your company should someone become injured during the project. 

Are There Other Restrictions on Scaffolding Work?

Although there is no time limit on erected scaffolding, there are restrictions to the type of work that can be carried out during certain times of the week. These restricted hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
  • Saturdays 8am to 1pm
  • Noisy work including the erection and dismantling of scaffolding, using power tools, and partition walls is not allowed on Sundays and bank holidays

This means that your project may be delayed due to the rules and regulations of working on scaffolding so make sure to plan this in advance. Although scaffolding hire is usually charged per week, these time restrictions can impact project deadlines, consider this when budgeting. Setting a reasonable time limit for project completion and consider using Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding that can quickly be dismantled or moved when required. 

The only exception to the above restrictions is if the work is essential for health and safety, such as repairing a road or electrical wiring that could cause harm to the general public if left. By limiting the amount of disruption your company produces you can ensure that you don’t exceed the restrictions set out by your local authority and maintain your companies reputation.

How Can Disruption from Scaffolding Work be Minimised?

Steps to reduce disruption may include limiting vibrations from tools, equipment and vehicles. Make sure that any neighbouring buildings are not obstructed unless absolutely necessary, and the inhabitants are aware of the timeline for the project so they can plan around their own work and daily life. Hazardous materials such as dust should be properly cleaned and removed to reduce impact on the environment and surrounding people’s health. 

The area where scaffolding or construction work will take place should be clearly outlined for anyone that will enter the vicinity to avoid accidents and vandalism. If scaffolding is going to be left up unattended, it should not be easily accessible and all equipment and tools should be taken away from the site to protect it against thievery or damage.

Hire Scaffolding from Hi Point Access

At Hi Point Access, we offer Aluminium Scaffolding that is lightweight and easy to erect, dismantle and manoeuvre during your project. If you are looking for training on using scaffolding, check out our PASMA Training Courses to become an expert on scaffolding work. 

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