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The Best Window Views Around the World

Whether you’re cooped up in the office or stuck inside doing housework, having a quick glance out of the window offers welcome relief, giving you some perspective and reminding you of the beautiful world around you. Of course, some window views are better than others – yours might simply look over your own garden, whilst others might enjoy an outlook over something much more spectacular. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the world’s most enviable window views: 

Toilet stop, Mount Kilimanjaro

Whilst the interior of this viewpoint might not be a feast for the eyes, as you glance up from this isolated toilet stop for trekkers, you can take in the breathtaking scenery of Mount Kilimanjaro. At 5,895 metres high, this awe-inspiring dormant volcano is Africa’s tallest mountain. It’s snow-capped peaks tower the sweltering shrubs of Tanzania and really is a sight to behold. The toilets may be few and far between, but boy will you feel relieved when you can take a break and soak up these epic views! 

Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily 

Nestled in a beautiful topaz cove on the north-western corner of Sicily is the Tonnara di Scopello, a former manor house attached to a collection of quaint stone fishing lodges. Now an inn for tourists and travellers, the views from the windows are truly picturesque. The crystal clear sea is just a stone’s throw away and settles beneath natural faraglioni (rock stacks), which local Sicilians enjoy swimming out to as the hot Mediterranean sun beats down. 

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel, Dubai 

At The Palm Hotel in Dubai, sleeping with the fishes takes on a whole new meaning. The view from the hotel lobby – and from a select few of the most exclusive bedroom suites – really is one of the most spectacular in the world. In the The Underwater Suites, you can wake up in the company of the aquarium’s most majestic residents, from elegant sting rays to white tip reef sharks. This window view has to be one of the most remarkable in the world! 

Bathrooms, The Shard 

When nature calls and you’re 68 floors up in the Shard, you’ve got to hope that you don’t suffer too badly from vertigo as the bathrooms look over the city at 800 feet. The floor to ceiling windows in this urinal frame an impressive view over London, so you can take in all the sights as you relieve yourself in style. What’s more, you certainly won’t have to worry about anyone peering in! 

Hotel Portillo, Chile 

Hidden within The Andes Mountains, this striking banana-yellow ski hotel boasts some pretty spine-tingling views over the nearby lagoon and up to the surrounding pointed snowy peaks. Although the hotel itself is impressive, if you choose to stay in one of the private chalets you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, uninterrupted view of the icy lagoon, which appears to change colour as the sun rises and falls over the mountains. 

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