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Has Graffiti Appeared on Your Commercial Property? Here’s Why You Might Want to Remove it

Graffiti is often an area of conflict – while many individuals view it as an expressive form of art others argue that it’s simply vandalism, especially when it appears on buildings without consent. However, in recent years, ‘The Banksy Effect’ has escalated the interest and appreciation of graffiti, with Banky’s pieces often sending a political and thought provoking message about society. But, while Banksy’s work and other commissioned pieces have lit up the street across the world, having unwanted messages and images sprayed across your commercial property can have a negative effect on business. 

Below we explain why you should think about getting it removed.

It creates a bad first impression

Whether you have a newsagents, office or retail store, the front of your property is the first thing that clients and customers see. Unpleasant words, phrases and pictures are off putting and may suggests that you don’t have a good relationship with the local community – although this may not be the case at all, first impressions will stick. If you regularly meet with clients, then it’s important that your environment is welcoming, but if graffiti is covering the perimeter of you property you may appear unprofessional.

Suggests you are vulnerable

If you’re offering a service such as phone repairs, or any other kind of work that involves holding a customer’s valuables then your building may appear unsafe. It’s important that your customers feel like they can trust you and the condition of your building contributes to this. Unwanted graffiti on your property is a criminal act, making you potentially vulnerable to other more serious crimes. Get the graffiti removed and send the perpetrator a strong message.

Increases professionalism

Having graffiti removed from your building will make your business appear more professional. With a clean lick of paint and a high-quality shop sign, passersby are more likely to stop and take a look. Not removing vandalism could suggests that you don’t care, especially when you leave it for months on end – get it sorted and improve your professionalism. 

Here at Hi Point Access, our professional team can help remove graffiti from even the most difficult spots. No location is too tough for us to reach, whether you have an office block, retail shop or any other kind of commercial property, we can help. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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