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Where to Find the Best Work Platform Hire

When looking for scaffolding contractors to help with your construction project, consider whether they have the necessary equipment to help you reach difficult spaces. You want your construction site to be safe and easy for workers to navigate, with the tools required to get where they need to. 

We highly recommend work platforms such as scissor lifts and platform lifts to help your workers manoeuvre in confined spaces. They’re a lot safer than traditional ladders which can cause a serious safety risk if used in tight building spaces. If your site is in a location without a huge amount of access or workspace, these kinds of compact lifts can make it much easier for your builders to get the job done.

Here are some of the main benefits of using platform lifts:

●    They offer a safe solution for reaching high or tight spaces. Safety-wise, platform lifts such as MEWPs are by far the best option for your workers to reach difficult spots. Not only can they be elevated to work at higher levels, but they can also carry heavy pieces of equipment and have easy access to the tools they need. Hire a contractor that has verified proof of risk assessment.

●    Setting them up doesn’t take long. In terms of transport and set up, scaffolding platforms are easy. The contractor you hire should be able to get them on to your site without any disruption. They’re also extremely easy for your workers to operate and move around once on the site.

●    It is possible to find work platforms for internal use. Did you know that MEWPs and scissor lifts can also be used inside a building? If your project involves interior work, these compact platforms can also be used inside to reach tight spots. Find a provider that can offer you a bespoke solution if needed.

●    They can reduce the amount of time spent on a project. Work platforms enable workers to be more efficient as they navigate their way around a site. They also have their tools and materials handy wherever and whenever they need them. This easy access makes it possible for your project to be completed in time, making them a great investment for your site.

So the question is, how do you go about looking for the best working platform provider for your needs? Read on for our guide on where to find the best work platform hire for your construction project:

Look at reviews from past customers 

The internet makes it easy to find specialist companies in your area, and you can also usually find reviews on their services. Simply search for ‘scissor lift hire near me’ or ‘platform lift hire near me’. You’ll find lots of results for work platform hire in your area. 

Most of these are likely to be scaffolding contractors that also offer this equipment. Build a list of the companies you think are most suited and check out their online reviews. These will uncover any red flags. 

If you can’t find any reviews online, ask the company whether you can reach out to their past customers for references.

Ask for recommendations 

If you know others within the construction industry that have recently used scaffolding contractors, ask them for recommendations. This is one of the most reliable ways to find trustworthy companies for work platform hire. This way, you can be more assured that they are capable of delivering good service and someone you know can vouch for them.

Find a provider that offers more than one service 

You will usually hire scissor lifts and platform lifts from a scaffolding rental company. Check to see whether they offer more services that you may need. It always helps to limit the number of contractors you work with on a project, so try and find one offering multiple services. On top of work platform hire, scaffolding contracts also offer extra staff, drivers, and training.

Get a detailed quote 

After you’ve narrowed down a list of the scaffolding platform hire companies, ask for a quote with a clear breakdown of all services. This helps you keep your budget in check. You’ll also be able to weed out any dodgy traders, as they’ll be the ones who are vague on pricing. 

Find a platform hire company that is ready to offer the details on what you will get within the price quoted. Transparent contractors are usually the easiest to work with as they’re clear about what is required for the project to run smoothly.

Set up an in-person meeting before deciding who to hire 

Don’t just look for a company that is qualified and has the right equipment – find a platform hire contractor that is also easy to work with. It is worth meeting face to face if possible before you decide on a company. A meeting will help you assess how professional a contractor is and what their customer service is like. A friendly team of scaffolding contractors will make your entire project a lot more efficient and enjoyable.

Find a company that offers ongoing support 

You don’t just want to hire a scaffolding contractor that provides you with the equipment – you may need ongoing support. Keep service in mind when looking at price quotes and different platform hire companies. Ask what kind of support will be available through the course of the project, and what happens in case anything goes wrong.

Search for a platform hire company with the right equipment

Here’s the type of equipment to look for from the right platform hire company:

●    Scissor lifts: If you’re looking for a scaffolding platform that provides you with additional space to work as well as lift capacity, a scissor lift is the best choice. These lifts are designed to carry a very heavy load so both workers and their tools can be transported up in one go. Check that the provider you’ve chosen can offer scissor lifts to work across different terrains.

●    Genie lifts: These platform lifts enable access to lower levels in a 360-degree range, as well as elevated access to higher levels. They allow workers to keep their materials and equipment close with them whenever they need it. We’d recommend these over step ladders for low-level access as they’re simply much safer to use on a building site.

Looking for mobile elevating work platforms for hire in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire?

It’s clear that mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are the most effective way to gain access to all areas of a construction site. At Hi-Point Access Ltd, we offer a wide range of MEWPs and scaffolding platforms to help keep your workers safe on the site. Not only will our quality work platforms help you gain access to tight spaces, but they’re also easy to use for enhanced productivity. We also offer scaffolding solutions. 

Our number one priority is helping you create a safe workplace. This is why all our work platforms are built to a high standard. No matter how high your workers need to go and how many tools they need to bring, we can create a bespoke solution for your needs. Get in touch to find out more about our services and to see how we can make your construction project safer and more efficient.

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