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Scaffolding Design

Managing the process from design to build

At Hi-Point we can manage any kind of scaffolding requirements, from design through to build. We work with a trusted group of design partners to deliver scaffolding designs that are both practical and effective, giving access solutions to even the trickiest of projects. We find that by managing the whole process from start to finish we can be sure that things will meet our requirements with minimal hurdles along the way. If you have a more complex scaffolding project that you need help with, contact Hi Point today.

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When do you need a scaffolding design?

We’ll tell you whether we think your job requires a scaffolding design when you contact us for a quote and we’ll build it into your price. Essentially, a scaffolding design is required when ‘tube & fitting’ scaffolding has been used and the project goes beyond anything covered on the standard compliance checklist. Some examples of work that might need a design includes: –

  • Projects requiring pedestrian access or a pavement gantry
  • Anything effective ramps or roadways
  • Independent scaffolds higher than 50metres
  • Temporary roofs
  • Drop scaffolds
  • Support scaffolds

We’ll handle the process for you every step of the way, putting your mind at ease and ensuring the service is a convenient as possible throughout.

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Why Choose Hi Point?

With over 30 years industry experience and a dedicated team of scaffolding experts, you can be confident that you’ll be in safe hands with Hi Point Access Limited.

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Hi Point Scaffolding are able to provide a seamless scaffolding design service, managing the project from conception through to build as your main point of contact. Request a free no obligation quotation from one of our experts today.

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